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Maximize Your Return on Investment

Maximize Return on Investment with Comprehensive Rebate Administration Services for Energy Efficiency Projects

Constellation Navigator’s Rebate Administration Services help businesses maximize their time and capital by capturing rebates and incentives available from utilities and other third parties for their energy efficiency projects. These projects encompass new construction, equipment replacement, and retrofit endeavors. From initiation to completion, Constellation Navigator manages the intricate rebate filing and administration process, allowing businesses to concentrate on other priorities.

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The Challenge

Rebates and incentives have the potential to reinvest significant funds into a company's budget for implementing efficiency projects. However, the associated processes can be intricate and demanding. Numerous programs exist across city, county, state, and federal levels, each presenting its unique application procedure and prerequisites. For businesses, overseeing this rebate process can be exceptionally time-intensive, and mistakes can lead to payment delays.

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Navigate your Environmental and Operational Goals

Constellation Navigator delivers a clear path for their customers to set and meet their goals, driven by advanced technology platforms and advisors with decades of industry experience.

Comprehensive Rebate and Incentive Administration  

We will review your project scope and site list to determine which sites are eligible for the best rebates and should be prioritized.

We’ll help you optimize your schedule around completing projects with potential rebates, making sure you don’t miss any deadlines. This optimization process can provide rebate revenue which can be reinvested back into your budget, fund more projects and achieve more savings.


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Let us help you with:

  • Comprehensive end-to-end application management 
  • Custom rebate and incentive negotiations 
  • Early-stage budget consulting 
  • Payment expediting 
  • Pre-approval confirmations 
  • Project scheduling and implementation guidance 
  • Utility site-inspection coordination


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Your Path to Claiming Rebates and Incentives Begins Here.

With Constellation Navigator Rebate Administration, the path to reclaiming funds for energy investments becomes clearer and easier.Reach out today to discover how much you may be able to put back in your budgets.

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